Persistant Pain: A neuromatrix approach to rehabilitation

29 en 30 oktober 2016 in Hotel de Witte Bergen - Eemnes

Course information

This workshop will take you on a journey 400 years in the making that begins in 17th Century France with Rene Descartes and his ‘Bell and Rope’ metaphor of pain. This is developed
into a ‘Bell in a Storm’ metaphor that helps us understand the puzzle of persistent pain. We then skip forward four centuries (because nothing much happened in between) to the notion
of a pain neuromatrix, which proposes pain to be an output of the brain resulting from perceived danger. After separating pain from nociception we explore the cognitive, affective
and behavioural inputs to the experience of pain. In line with the biopsychosocial evidencebase, this lecture and following workshop proposes that directly targeting this tripartite
of pain will decrease perceived danger and teach the brain to lower its levels of pain. This means that effecting changes to your patients’ thinking styles, developing their emotional
intelligence and taking a graded exposure approach to their pain behaviours will help them take control of their pain. Along the way we bump into the Buddha, Charles Darwin and
Ivan Pavlov arriving somewhere in the future with the words of Alice in Wonderland’s White Queen ringing in our ears: “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards”.

Course Goals

  • Learn how to help your patients understand pain from a cognitive-behavioural perspective. (This establishes an explanatory model that will accommodate your psychologically informed approach to clinical treatment).
  • Learn how to elicit your patient’s ‘pain script’. This is our unique experience that is produced by our ‘pain schema’.
  • Understand neuromatrix theory, how to make clinical use of it and help your patients to understand this as an organic basis for pain psychology.
  • Learn how to begin the process of ‘rescripting’ the pain experience with an emphasis on cognitive restructuring and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn cue-controlled relaxation techniques of mindfulness-based guided imagery that your patient can make use of during periods of stress and pain.


Dr Pat Partington has worked for 26 years in exercise rehabilitation including 9 years as a Senior Lecturer at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic. He has recently set up his
own training company ( He has a PhD in Behaviour Change and his research interests are in the psychology of pain and health/illness behaviours. He is
a practising cognitive behavioural therapist and hypnotherapist specialising in chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

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